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Region 12 has a new website...find it here!





The first edition of the Region 12 newsletter has been published and is available for viewing and download from the R12 FB page.


IC 2018 had a number of promotions and awards presented. We congratulate all the regions and individuals who won.

Below are the names of this year's recipients from Region 12.

*SFI Academy Red, Gold and Blue Squadron Winners*

*Red Squadron*
Susan Anderson, USS William Wallace

John Bevan, USS Dark Fury

Stephen Boggs, USS Blackstone

Katherine Colling, USS Discovery

James Herring, USS Missouri

Jeffery Higdon, USS Black Hawk

Eric Johannson, USS Sunflower

Douglas Roach, USS Missouri

Michael Stelzer, USS Oklahoma

*Gold Squadron*
Bentley Andrews, USS Oklahoma
Braylynn Andrews, USS Oklahoma
Dalaney Andrews, USS Oklahoma
Paiton Andrews, USS Oklahoma

*SFMC Staff Service Award  *
DCOTRACOM-DTD  -  MGEN Julie Mcgowan - 225 MSG 12 BDE
COTRACOM - BGN Shane Russell - 229 MSG 12 BDE
DEPDANT GEN Michael McGowan - 225 MSG 12 BDE

*Meritorious Unit Citation Streamers - MUC*
275 MSG - Diamonds and Deuces  - 12 BDE

**SFMC Achievement Award*  *
BDR William Hof,  832 MSG 12 BDE

**SFMC Service Commendation**
COL Stephen Boggs, 275 MSG 12 BDE
GEN James Herring, 224 MSG 12 BDE
COL Faith Stienberg, 229 MSG 12 BDE
GEN Larry French, 236 MSG 12 BDE
MGEN Julie Mcgowan, 225 MSG 12 BDE

**Commandant's Meritorious Service Award**
BGN Shane Russell, 229 MSG 12 BDE

**Distinguished Service Cross * *
LGN Julie McGowan, 225 MSG 12 BDE
GEN Michael McGowan, 225 MSG 12 BDE

****We'd like to congratulate the USS MARKO RAMIUS, who celebrates their
25th anniversary on Saturday, August 25th.   Huzzah!



'Old' news

For those who are not aware of it, the Region Twelve Summit 2017 has come and gone. 

It was held April 21 thru April 23 in Fulton Missouri.   Amoungst other things, the annual awards for Region 12 were presented. 


Chapter of the Year: USS Dark Phoenix

Commanding Officer of the Year: Mike Calhoun

Shakedown Chapter of the Year: USS Bairoko

Support Chapter of the Year: USS Oklahoma

Officer of the Year: Jeff Stucker, USS Valiant

Flag Officer of the Year: Christine Leddon, USS Jeannette Maddox

Jr. Member of the Year: Dyson Felty

Enlisted member of the year: Ian Wepprich


Region Awards

XO of the Year: Barney Cole
Newsletter of the year: USS Dark Phoenix
Department Head of the Year: Clemma Ruble

Congratulations to All recipients



Have you tried Star Trek Online?  It is a F2P MMO (free to play massive multi-player online) game.

SFI has their own fleet in-game.  Just sayin'.